About Us
Since the day of its establishment, our company is known by the customers with its high quality supplies, complete and permanent service understanding. Today, these qualifications make us one of the most prestigious organizations in the electrical sector.

With its expert engineers, and building site members, it has accomplished lots of projects. In these contributions, it has rendered not only economical but also trustable services.

In a short period of time, it has made great strides. We achieved this by providing solutions with our basic principal: We are here to make you earn while we earn.

There are lots of reasons to prefer ETİS Elektrik. We are enthusiastic to meet you with the privileged services of ETİS.
To provide the opportunities of New Electric World to everyone in anytime and place…

Etis Elektrik aims to be the leading incorporation of the world in the field of “ power and control” by forcing on its limits so as to produce innovative and different solutions which are extensive for the markets of energy, industry , infrastructure and for the houses that it displays activity, commercial and industrial buildings.

We are not contented with acquired successes but are always ready to present better ones. This is a part of the culture of Etis Electric. Because our goal is perfection.
    Our Vision
Electricity is to be the tomorrow’s energy , as never  be today. Increasing demands, different electricity production tecniques, new applications and new systems that integrates more and more …

A new period in which the Technologies of electricity, automation, and communication get together in one point, is beginning.  Flexible, confidential and clean electric systems play a crucial role to create each facility and product which we use in everyday life.

"We are here to make you win while we win"
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